CFH2-125 CFH4-125 ARD PV Photovoltaic over voltage and under voltage automatic circuit recloser

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A. CFH-125 ARD PV over and under voltage automatic Reclosing circuit breakers (hereinafter referred to as circuit breakers) meet standards: IEC60898-1《Electrical accessories for household use and similar places Over-current protection circuit breakers - Part 1: circuit breakers for alternating current》. B. The circuit breaker is suitable for AC50Hz, rated power Voltage 230V(1P+N, 2P), 400V(3P+N, 4P). Automatic intelligent closing when power circuit operating , Automatic break, in the case of power failure and at the same time offer protection of overload and short circuit . It can also be used as infrequent operation of the line under normal conditions, It is widely used in the intelligent transformation of power grid. C. The front of the product is provided with a green signal indicator light and the main circuit The indicator light keeps on when there is electricity;  Main circuit power failure The lower indicator is off. D.Automatic brake opening in case of power failure ( after power failure Manual Operating handle cannot lose).A. After the circuit breaker is installed, check whether the cables are correctly connected After confirm connecting correct then close the circuit breaker, when power failured ,manual operation levers cannot close. B. The circuit breaker meets the following functions: 1. Rated working voltage AC230V; 2. Over-voltage action cut-off value: A300V±5V; 3. Over-voltage recovery value: AC260V±5V; 4. Under-voltage action cut-off value: AC44V-160V; 5. Under-voltage recovery value: AC196V±5V; 6. Delay of power supply after power failure: > 5s; 7. Action delay time: > 5s; 8. Automatically cut off after no-voltage .A. During installation, clamp the circuit breaker directly to TH35-7.5 Install the guide rail until you hear the "click" sound. B. When disassembling, turn all bottom restraint parts outward with tools Pull about 5mm until you hear the "click" and remove the circuit breaker. C.Use a cross screwdriver to fix the wire to the wiring socket.For conductor selection see 7.A. After unpacking, check whether the circuit breaker is intact. Whether the wiring terminal is rusted, whether the wiring board is seriously oxidized, for example Please contact the supplier in time. B.Close and open the circuit breaker with ease.A.The characteristics of circuit breaker are set by the manufacturer ,can not adjustable in the process of using. B. The circuit breaker is set in ccost normal state under automatic mode before delivery The cost is normal. C. Working According to the normal operating conditions, under rated value and below of the circuit breaker No special maintenance is required. D. From manufacture, subject to conditions of storage and use observed by the user Within 18 months from the date of shipment, the circuit breaker case is in good condition, In case of damage or failure of normal use due to quality problems, The manufacturer is responsible for free replacement and repair.
Rated current In(A) Conductor Cross-section
63<In<=80 25
80<In<=100 35
100<In<=125 50

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